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Using {{Special:RecentChanges/5}} when there are no recent changes results in UNIQ strings to be printed
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Author: andy.triboletti

When I used {{Special:RecentChanges/5}} on the main page of my wiki when I came back after awhile with no changes I noticed strings like UNIQ then a bunch of characters. I ended up editing the wiki trying to debug the problem so the problem went away but if happens again I'll update this bug.

Version: 1.22.4
Severity: normal



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You have any extensions installed that modify Special:Recentchanges.

(And you're sure you are using 1.22? This is a known issue with versions from years ago (e.g. 1.16), but has been fixed for a while afaik)

Sounds like bug 56167 which was fixed by gerrit 91889.
That patch set will be part of mediawiki version 1.23.

andy.triboletti wrote:

I'm sure I'm using 1.22. I checked in DefaultSettings.php. I setup the wiki last month and got the latest code. I have intersection/DynamicPageList installed, but I don't think that modifies Special:RecentChanges. The other extensions I am using are ConfirmEdit and SpamBlacklist. Looks like this bug was already fixed and will be released in 1.23, great.

Assuming this is bug 56167; closing as duplicate.
Please reopen if this is still a problem in 1.23. Thank you!

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 56167 ***