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Special:Random/File finds results from commons
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"Hi. I was using the Special:Random/File tool for a long time on rowiki, in order to fish for unfree images and candidates for Commons. Last days when I accessed the tool, it returned me only Commons files. Tried @ enwiki - same drill"

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I'm pretty sure this is something we did when we implemented Special:Random using Cirrus. Cirrus likes to include commons results in searches so I'm pretty sure we're including them in Special:Random. I'm pretty sure that is wrong.

I went to Special:Random/File and ended up on

I got other results from non-file namespaces, including the talk page of an IP address.

I also went to Special:Random/Talk and got sent to a User_talk page.

Special:Random/NS is seriously broken with Cirrus.

Yup. Its pretty busted. I'm fixing it right now.

Merged into master. Starting the process to get this synced outside the Thursday/Tuesday/Thursday schedule.

Change 140111 had a related patch set uploaded by Manybubbles:
Update cirrus to fix Special:Random

Silly bot, that is a backport patch.

Change 140111 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update cirrus to fix Special:Random

Verified against enwiki just now.