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Have watchlist email setting in "Notifications" tab in Special:Preferences
Open, LowPublicFeature


There are two different places within Special:Preferences where you can configure email settings:

  • "User Profile" tab, where you can set your email address and enable emails from other users and emails when pages on your watchlist are changed
  • "Notifications" tab, where you can configure email notifications for getting thanked, mentions, etc.

This presents a minor usability issue: I wanted to make sure that I would get emailed whenever a page on my watchlist was edited, but I could not find this setting in the place where all the other email notification settings were. This setting should be moved to the "Notifications" tab from its current location in the "User Profile" tab.

Version: 1.24rc
Severity: enhancement
See Also: T65577: Create a "Watching and notifications" tab in MediaWiki core, T65578: Move Echo's user preferences to "Notifications" core user preferences tab, T44743: Watchlist preferences should link to the watchlist e-mail notification option