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Calc extension request
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Author: emt147

Would it be possible to add the Calc mediawiki extension to Wikipedia? I'm a
member of WikiProject Aircraft and it would be extremely beneficial to
automatically generate imperial-to-metric unit conversions (as well as things
like power/weight ratios and wing loading) for aircraft specifications rather
than having to rely on editors manually entering the information (not to mention
that different editors use slightly different conversions with varying degrees
of precision).

I'm making the request assuming the calculations are done client-side. If they
are server-side, I can see how that may create an undue burden on the servers,
and humbly implore for a client-side option to do very simple arithmetic
(division/multiplication with precision to a hundredth would suffice).

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OS: Windows XP
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Surely it makes far more sense to use a calculator app operated by a human who
knows the appropriate stuff to use for the particular usage situation?

I'm pretty sure we don't want something like this.

emt147 wrote:

With all due respect, it takes a considerable amount of time to do the
calculations and to check and correct the calculations done by other users (with
thousands of edits in the project, I know this for a fact). A conversion ratio
coded into the content-generating template would do a far better job.

... and I take it adding <calc> would be a server load issue? Your reply wasn't
exactly enlightening.

Implemented in the ParserFunctions extension.