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Users unable to login when username contains unicode spaces; unable to change username
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Author: suisui

Several days ago, brion added new rule to username that username no longer can
include unicode spaces.

There's some username having unicode space on ja, (It's common thing in CJK names)
and a user request me to change his username without space cause he cannot login

But, renameuser doesn't accept "from uasername" with unicode space either. so I
couldn't change his name.

I agree with that there's no username with spaces anymore, but we need a way to
change them to something else who alredy have spaces in his username.

how can I solve it?

or is there a only way to wait devs do something for it?

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Severity: major



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You have to get a sysadmin to update the database and change the unicode
space to a standard space then he will have to regenerate the password (or
the user need to ask a new password if he got an email address configured).

Sorry for the delay, i believe its fixed anyway.

Please get in touch with a sysadmin either by mail: wikitech-l on or irc://

tietew-mediazilla wrote:

Bypassing username validation in Special:Renameuser

Added $validate parameter to User::newFromName defaults to true,
which can be false if username validation is not needed.

Bypass username validation of old username using above option.


Applied on trunk (r14295, r14296)