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oauth plugin doesn't work in vagrant, seemingly due to the https reverse-proxy
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When attempting to test mediawiki oauth against a test instance of mediawiki vagrant, something is stripping the auth headers from the https request. I think it's related to the nginx reverse proxy but I couldn't find anything wrong with the nginx config or anything else that looked like an obvious problem.

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(In reply to Mukunda Modell from comment #0)

... related to the nginx reverse proxy ...

Which nginx reverse proxy? Could you describe your testing environment in more detail?

It's the standard mediawiki vagrant box, not customized in any significant way.

I'm referring to the proxy that sits between mediawiki and the world outside the VM connecting to the forwarded port 4430 for https.

This is set up by the puppet rules for the https role in mediawiki vagrant.

@bd808: I'm planning to test this further, just filed to bug to remind myself because it had slipped my mind for a while and I didn't want to forget it again.

See also bug 73510 related to the non-standard HTTPS port + reverse proxy. Possibly OAuth doesn’t like non-standard port and/or isn’t aware a non-standard port is used.