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Flow: Text in New Topic form remains after submitting
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screenshot from Jay8g

Jay8g says: "After saving, the post content stays in the new topic box. This annoyingly triggers a "Do you want to leave this page?" box every subsequent refresh. Firefox 32.0.2, Windows 7"

I tried to reproduce, but got something slightly different:

  • If I "Preview" my new topic, then the Post-content remains but the Title does not.
  • If I don't Preview, then nothing remains. (the expected behaviour)

(Firefox 32, Ubuntu 12)

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


Flow_content_stays_in_new_topic_box_after_save.png (289×607 px, 10 KB)



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Change 167051 had a related patch set uploaded by EBernhardson:
Text in new-topic form remains after submitting

Change 167051 merged by jenkins-bot:
Text in new-topic form remains after submitting

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