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Graceful fallback for non-js clients: don't require JavaScript for book creator
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  • Graceful fallback for non-js clients
  • reopened – jojo – low – -- – 3 years
  • «Some broswers don't support javascript; some users turn it off in their browser. Please ensure there is a fallback for such clients.»
  • «Currently, only the Special:Collection page does need Javascript, this could be changed of course. (And the Javascript version could be improved a lot: drag & drop, tree view etc.)»
  • «About the only thing that's now not possible w/out Javascript is creating/renaming chapters, otherwise, the Special:Collection page is fully functional for non-JS clients.»

Considering the offline export is often meant for users with lower access to good internet connection and other tools-for-the-privileged, it makes sense for JavaScript not to be required. Not high priority though, given it's for advanced usage only.

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