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Udp2log missing parts of ulsfo traffic between 2014-10-08T22:00:00 and 2014-10-08T24:00:00
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Number of lines from ulsfo per minute in sampled-1000 stream

It seems ulsfo had connectivity issues around 2014-10-08T23:00, which made it
not forward all logs to the udp2log pipline (Bug 71876 has some logs of alerts
in IRC).

In contrast to bug 71876, this issue affected also mobile. And the
stream was affected for a longer period of time.

(See attached graphs that plot number of lines from ulsfo per minute in two TSVs)

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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ulsfo-sampled-1000.png (480×800 px, 8 KB)



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Number of lines from ulsfo per minute in mobile-sampled-100 stream


ulsfo-mobile-sampled-100.png (480×800 px, 9 KB)