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Changing user groups and user group rights on the Hungarian Wikipedia
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The hu.wikipedia community has decided to change the user rights and create the template editor user group (protection level for templates, template editor can modify protected templates):,_2014

  1. We would like to remove the unused autoreview user group. (On huwiki there is a similar custom user group, named trusted.) This request effects the configuration of the FlagegRev extension.
  1. Please create a new protection level between autoconfirmed and sysop, and create a new templeteeditor user group which can edit this protection level.
  1. Please add the right to bureaucrat user group to remove users from the administrator and bureaucrat user groups. Please add the right to bureaucrat user group to add users to and remove from the templateeditor user group.
  1. Please remove the right from bureaucrat user group to remove users from the confirmed user group.

Thank you!

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 3:54 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz72055.

I forgot that

  1. Please add the templateeditor right to sysop user group (able to edit the templateeditor protection level). ----

I am not an expert at all, but I tried to prepare the changes in the configuration files.

The change in flaggedrevs.php maybe looks like this:

unset( $wgGroupPermissions['autoreview'] ); // bug 72055

The change in initialiseSettings.php is probably something like this:

  • add to wgAddGroups the following lines:

'+huwiki' => array(

		'bureaucrat' => array( 'templateeditor' ), // bug 72055


  • change wgRemoveGroups from the actual setting to this:

'+huwiki' => array(

		'bureaucrat' => array( 'sysop', 'bureaucrat', 'templateeditor' ), // bug 72055


  • add to wgRestrictionLevels the following line:

'huwiki' => array( '', 'autoconfirmed', 'templateeditor', 'sysop', 'superprotect' ), // bug 72055

  • change groupOverrides to the following settings:

'huwiki' => array(

		'editor' => array( 'noratelimit' => true ),
		'sysop' => array(
			'deleterevision' => true,
			'templateeditor' => true, // bug 72055
		'user' => array( 'upload' => true ), // bug 28576
		'templateeditor' => array( 'templateeditor' => true ), // bug 72055


Please let me know if you had any question.

Change 166687 had a related patch set uploaded by Calak:
Lots of rights changes for huwiki

I am a bit concerned about #3. Not even enwiki allows for bureaucrats to remove bureaucrats, and I would expect more than 19 votes for a change like this.

Besides the security issues, in the past wikis that have had similar privileges have had significant problems with disputes due to ambiguities over the policies that were basically won with the bureaucrat tools.

I understand your concern. Before the vote we had a discussion about it [1] where I informed the community about the potential security issue, but nobody felt it as a real danger.

From the middle size Wikipedias, the Finnish Wikipedia uses the same settings, and they wanted to keep it. [2][3].

Basically bureaucrats are not decision-maker in this issue, only perform the community decisions or policies, same as the stewards, which makes the possibility of disputes low, but the process is inside the local wiki and more transparent.

On huwiki typical decisions made by 15-30 editors, so 19 supports is quite average.

[3]: bug 42114

Change 166687 merged by jenkins-bot:
Lots of rights changes for huwiki

I don't get why this bug was applied without question. No other project should have the right to remove bureaucrat rights anymore. The Finnish Wikipedia had it set inadvertently and voted to keep it years after and it was decided to keep it that way. But we also decided that we wouldn't allow 'new' content projects to remove that right. Removing the sysop right is okay, but the bureaucrat right as well is not. See Since stewards are those who usually remove rights, they should have at least been contacted and then we would have told that -bureaucrat wouldn't be allowed...

@Trijnstel: This was done by the books by the deployers here. There was consensus for something so they deployed it. It is the communities job to block conflicting consensus prior to deployment or prior to consensus forming. From what I recall, I have never seen a consensus saying content projects can not have the ability to revoke crat status - the page you linked doesn't ever say that. It just says this is *usually* done by stewards.

(In reply to Trijnstel from comment #6)

Sorry about the problem if there is consensus about it, but I didn't find anything after reading (hopefully) all related pages on MetaWiki and MediaWiki wiki. There is a clear local decision now. If it was against a global policy, I am open to discuss it on Meta or private and report the result of the discussion to huwiki. I don't think this page is the best place for this kind of discussions.