User Name from Wikipedia can't be used to login to phabricator
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On wikipedia I use Yurivict.
When I try to login to phabricator, wikipedia password doesn't work.
"Login or Register" button on the "Login or Register with LDAP" screen doesn't lead to "Register" function at all, only to "Login".

Login screen on says there is no Yurivict account, but when I try to create the Yurivict account there, it fails and says there the similar account.

So I had to bail out and create this Yuri271 acct to even be able to create this PR. All these problems defeat the purpose of "Sinogle login".

Also you IMO don't need to tell users LDAP login, this only introduces another concept (LDAP) in addition to MediaWiki, WikiMedia, WikiPedia.

Now this leaves me confused, and unable to use single login at all.

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LDAP login is for specific users that have an account on wikitech... Users who have that access would likely know

The problem is you don't have a global account see

This is part of a wider issue, which already has an issue for it

It looks like currently you don't have a global (across Wikimedia wikis) account, just a local (English Wikipedia) account. Once you create a global account, login via should work.

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Once mediawiki rejects new account due to the name similarity, it should offer the user to consolidate login IMO. Ask for the password for that other login, and ask to offer to consolidate, if consolidation is a desirable in general.

I only wanted to report some unrelated bug in wikipedia, googled my way to phabricator and got lost in the login process in it.

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I'm sorry but there is nothing that could be fixed in Phabricator itself - this needs to be handled by following instead.