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ui_tests are broken
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On both linux and windows.

The ui_tests exist only in the core repository, however the modules tested are essentially the same code in compat and core.

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Okay this might sound stupid, but you have to execute it via tests/ Although it doesn't work because then the tests module isn't available.

If you use python tests/ (which is what I've been doing until recently) pywikibot is imported in and the UI class in pywikibot.userinterfaces.terminal_interface_base is already initialized before the test suite had a change to monkey patch it. And that UI class buffers the std* locally so if we monkeypatch sys.std* it after it is initialized pywikibot.output() and the likes are still using the buffered stdout.

Interestingly the tests are importing pywikibot after patching sys.std*, so wouldn't there be it might work, although importing something in test is like importing pywikibot too.

Directly running

PYTHONPATH=. python tests/

also doesn't work for me, so there's probably something else that loads pywikibot before everything is monkey-patched.

Obvious fix would be to not monkeypatch, and to shell out to a new interpreter instead...

Importing something from tests.utils will also import pywikibot. If I move it above the first class which uses unittest it does execute.

Another problem is then, that the std* is a StringIO so only accepts strings but in Python 3, when we encode the colored messages in pywikibot.userinterfaces.terminal_interface_unix.UnixUI.printColorized, it's bytes. I'm not sure if we shouldn't encode it or if it needs to be BytesIO. But afaik sys.__std* are str based in Python 3 so I think they shouldn't be encoded, especially as pywikibot.userinterfaces.terminal_interface_base.UI.printNonColorized does that:

if sys.version_info[0] == 2:                                        
    line = line.encode(self.encoding, 'replace')                    

Although I'm wondering why it does work outside of the test and the logic in printColorized appears more complex so I'm currently not sure how that need to be changed.

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Change 186336 had a related patch set uploaded (by John Vandenberg):
Fix all but three of the ui_tests on unix


Change 186336 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update ui_tests expected values

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@XZise fixed the remaining tests, and more.