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Assess if WMF staff are using phabricator
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Get a list of employees/staff/contractors from HR and cross reference to Phabricator user list.

Make a 'todo' list to try to get all WMF staff using Phabriactor.

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@JKrauska, what is your motivation to create this task?

We are on a mission to bring all WMF teams under Engineering and Product -- see T434: Show percentage of teams migrated to Phabricator for project management. However, we don't have the full conversion of all WMF projects as a goal. Beyond tech, anybody joining is more than welcome. People will join if they have something to do, so what really needs to be moved are the current activities first, not the people first.

So I don't think this goal in isolation makes sense, and I'm sure I will not be working on it beyond the projects in the technical departments.


I would like to measure adoption by the staff as a group overall.

This data can help inform future developments for phabricator as a organization-wide tool.

It may be that we already have a sizable percentage of use -- I'm just looking to measure it.

@JKrauska: Could this be merged into T434?
I see the intention basically covered over there already (or I don't get the nuances that are different).

@Aklapper I feel that T434 explicitly calls out the Developer Teams. I was interested in the adoption from the foundation as a whole (different/bigger set of users)

I would like to know about the Legal team, HR team, Finance team, etc. (mostly non-developers).

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Get a list of employees/staff/contractors from HR and cross reference to Phabricator user list.

If we find useful to measure WMF adoption of Phabricator beyond the tech teams, I believe it is better to keep counting by teams, not by individuals. If a team has something to do in Phabricator, its members will join. If a team has nothing to do in Phabricator, most of its members will not join, or will do it on a personal capacity (maybe unrelated to their situation as WMF employees), or will register just because someone told them, only to become inactive after that.

Make a 'todo' list to try to get all WMF staff using Phabricator.

So you were saying that not all WMF employees have a Wikimedia account, which is a requirement to get a Phabricator account, and which sounds like a more reasonable short term goal.

While I will keep not wasting a single opportunity to pitch Phabricator anywhere at the WMF, I will not take this task as a goal or even a priority. If someone wants to work on it, great. We have more than enough making happy the tech teams, which account for half of the employees or so.

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@JKrauska I am declining this purely because it seems to be abandoned. If you want to pursue please reopen :)