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The button "Show changes" shows incorrect differences
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There is a bug in MediaWiki. This bug is encountered in Wikipedia.

In a page, I edit a section.
I press "Show changes".
I see a list of differences. In this list, there are :

  1. my changes,
  2. but also the undoing of all the changes that people have made in other sections.

The presence of 1. is correct.
The presence of 2. is incorrect.

Thank you for correcting this bug.


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Are you editing a old revision of a page? Please add some links where we can see this behaviour.

I am not editing an old revision.

You may reproduce the bug by doing so :

Let's take two persons : Adam and Bob.
If you are alone, you can play both persons by using 2 computers. Or 2 different browsers.

  1. Person Adam. Edit a section. Here you edit the section "Air conditioning" : Add "Squirrel" at the end of the section. Do not save the edit yet.
  1. Person Bob. Edit the intro. Here : Make a change in the intro. For example, make "humans" a link : "[[human]]s". Save the edit.
  1. Person Adam. Click the button "Show changes". Expected result : The page shows only the one change Adam has made, "Squirrel". Actual result : The page shows the one change Adam has made, "Squirrel", but the page also shows the undoing of an unrelated change.

After submit the changes for save you change will be merged with all the changes in the meantime and than saved (or you get a edit conflict reported). This is not done on "Show Changes" and therefor you can see the changes from other peoples in the meantime as difference, but after save there are normally not there.

I don't see a bug here? What is the expected behavior instead?

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Closing as invalid as per T78649#947078