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Mistake in nds-nl project namespace name "Wikipedia"
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Author: servien

Can someone please change "Wikipedia" to "Wikipedia" and "Overleg Wikipedia"
to "Overleg Wikipedie" (only thing which actually changes is the A to an E) thanks in
advance :-)

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servien wrote:

*Can someone please change "Wikipedia" to "Wikipedie"*

Sorry my mistake :$

gangleri wrote:

Hallo Servien!

I assume that the sitename should follow $wgMetaNamespace.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

In MediaZilla issues related to the internationalization of the MediaWiki
software are reported under "Product:" MediaWiki and "Component:"

All requests related to the projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation are
reported under "Product:" MediaWiki. For opening new projects "Component:" Site
requests" is used. I have seen most of the requests about changing sitenames,
adding new namespaces, enabeling subpage functionality at namespaces reported
with "Component:" "General/unknown".

servien wrote:

Sitename should be "Wikipedie" as well... but that seems to be correct on the
wiki. It's only the Wikipedia namespace which is incorrect.

robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)
Just change it in future. People get the idea. And don't get it wrong when you
do correct them. ;)

servien wrote:

If I type in Wikipedia:Spelling I end up at the English Wikipedia (the article
spelling :S)... doesn't really look solved to me :P


Please fix this as soon as possible, because no Wikipedia pages can be accessed at
the moment (some of which are very important to beginners etc.)

servien wrote:

but isn't Wikipedia:xyz also suppose to work... like Special: does for Speciaol:?

servien wrote:

...and why does it link to the English wikipedia instead of placing it in
the "article" space?

robchur wrote:

No. "Wikipedia" is not the canonical namespace name, that's "Project".
"Wikipedia" becomes an interwiki prefix if it's not a namespace name.

servien wrote:

Aaah okay, thanks! :-) I changed everything so all is back 2 normal.