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Give unique favicons to Wikibooks, Wiktionary and Wikiversity
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Author: rotemliss

Currently, the following projects: Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikinews,
Commons, Wikispecies, Meta and MediaWiki – have a favicon based on their logo.
However, Wikibooks and Wiktionary use the logo of Wikipedia:

Please set their favicon to a tiny version of their logos.

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Lowest.Nov 21 2014, 9:22 PM
bzimport set Reference to bz6096.
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*** Bug 6241 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

add URL for some favicon.ico from bug 6241

mgrojo wrote:

Favicon for Wikibooks based on [[Imagen:Wikibooks-logo.svg]]

A suggestion for the Wikibooks favicon.


ilklamo wrote:

I deleted my vote because nowadays we are discussing about the logos for b and wikt even beacause the actual logos shrinked
to the dimension for favicon are incomprensible, so I ask to wait solving this bug until the new logo has chosen

rotemliss wrote:

*** Bug 8497 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

rotemliss wrote:

*** Bug 8284 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

nils.simon wrote:

Here are the necessary links for changing the favicon.ico for the German
Wikiversity. The current version can be found at
and it should be replaced with

Though there is no final agreement yet upon the Wikiversity logo, I think it is
pretty likely that the blue version (which I linked here) will win the race.

river wrote:

please reopen it when you found a suitable favicon for wiktionary. i changed wikibooks and wikiversity.

Please change the favicon for it.wikiversity.
Thank you,

rotemliss wrote:

It was changed, please force-refresh (you can also directly access and refresh it).

rotemliss wrote:

(In reply to comment #12)

Thank you very much.

Note that River changed it (see comment #9).

wikt.3.connelm wrote:

I don't recall anyone on requesting that. I *do* recall my objections. I also recall numerous other objections to that Hasbro-copyvio-ish logo. Did you /ask/ about it on [[wikt:WT:BP]]?

No, I didn't. It's only a proposal.

jeluf wrote:

I close this bug. Please file a new one when you have consensus about the new favicon.