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Lacking entry Mainpage-url
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Author: aliter

As the text in MediaWiki:Mainpage is used as both the link and the link text,
moving Main Page out of the main=dictionary namespace to avoid it being listed
as a wurd, means the link text also comes to include a namspace.

(A detail is that the namespace in question WikiWurdbook: is a pseudo-namespace
at the moment. It might be that real namespaces are stipped for the link text,
but evenso this would be a consistent solution.)

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal



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So, should we add a WikiWurdbook namespace for fywiktionary ? :)

aliter wrote:

Well, not exactly, as that's a typo: Typing English I typed a mixed
representation of the sound. Frisian and English are related, but in Frisian the
spelling would be WikiWurdboek, which is indeed the project pseudo-namespace in use.

I've already requested this in request 6331, but the fact that I referred to a
complete list of namespaces has caused some problem. What I expected to be
easily copied into the language file, instead resulted in an instruction to use
multiple requests for multiple changes, which got me so irritated that in my
reply I mixed in changing Wikipedy and WikiBoeken as well. The request isn't
less valid, of course, but it's probably not likely to happen anytime soon now.

robchur wrote:

*** Bug 8617 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

aliter wrote:

Bug 8617 states that "Just adding mainpage-url could cause broken links, as customized mainpages would no longer be used for the link portion."

Though I can't quite follow the argument, I'd say this should be introduced with a default value, something that apparently was done for other new messages as well. Of course, the default in this case would be to redirect to MediaWiki:Mainpage.

Thus, whatever the value of MediaWiki:Mainpage, at the time of the split ti will remain in use for both the text and the link.

md5 wrote:

I'd like to see this happen as well. This came up on English Wikipedia recently because of the desire to change the sidebar label to "Main page" while keeping the page at "Main Page".

We could introduce a MediaWiki:Mainpage-title message on-wiki as Brion suggested in Bug 8617, but we'd have to do all of the localization on-wiki too. That's why I agree that it makes sense to split them at the software level.

As it stands, the "Main page" link on the English Wikipedia sidebar is not localized anymore because of the way MediaWiki:Sidebar was updated (which had to be done to avoid making the link on p-logo go to a redirect). It also broke the default tooltip on the "Main page" link since the choice of which system message to use for the tooltip is related to the "key" of the link label in MediaWiki:Sidebar, which is now "Main_page", not "mainpage".

md5 wrote:

Just to clarify my comment, I know that Brion didn't suggest adding MediaWiki:Mainpage-title on-wiki, but that's what we would have to do if the split were not done in the software.

aliter wrote:

Ignoring the fy wiktionary issues for the moment, is there anything about this that could cause any problem?

Fixed in r33084 (256 files in 3 dirs):
Added message 'mainpage-description' as duplicate of 'mainpage' and added it to message 'sidebar'
Fixes: (bug 6332) Lacking entry Mainpage-url

(bug 8617) Separate main page url and name