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wikilinks links for GlobalUserPages appear blue but lead to &action=edit&redlink=1
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At beta.wmflabs, the link in my ~~~~ signature shows up as blue (as desired), but the link itself is targeted as if it were a redlink, pointing to
rather than
as it should.

Screenshot_from_2014-12-30_12:27:29.png (190×794 px, 46 KB)

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Why exactly is this a problem? The link redirects to if the page exists remotely (just tested). I wouldn't even call it an inconsistency, as the page does in fact not exist so it's hard to compare to normal red links.

If I click on my username, from a talkpage signature, eg.
I get sent to
where it stops.
For me, the only ways to see the actual GlobalUserPage, are to click "Cancel", or to click the "User page" tab.

You write that the link redirects you? It's not doing that for me. (Tested in: Firefox 35 and Chromium 37, both logged-in and -out.)

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Change 190692 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
Don't include &action=edit&redlink=1 in links to global user pages


Change 190692 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't include &action=edit&redlink=1 in links to global user pages

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