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Search on Wikimedia Commons doesn't find 'disableAJAXCategories' in MediaWiki:Gadget-HotCat.js
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Insource regex failed to find /disable/i /AJAX/i, or /ajaxcategories/i, but not other items on that page.

Searching itself and its 79 subpages of language versions and subroutines.

<Search term> prefix:MediaWiki:Gadget-Hotcat.js

Target textSearch term (case preserved)Result
disableAJAXCategories"disable AjaxCategories"fail
disableAJAXCategoriesdisable ajax categoriesfail/OK*
any string of 4 capsinsource:/AJAX/fail
any string of 4 capsinsource:/SIGE/OK
UploadForm.previous_hotcat_stateUploadFormPreviousHotCatStatefail (the C)
function (json) { setPage (json); setup (createCommitForm)"function (json) { setPage (json); setup (createCommitForm)"OK
function (json) { setPage (json); setup (createCommitForm)functionJsonSetPageJsonSetupCreateCommitFormOK

Note that

  • the described term disableAJAXCategories is not indexed in any detectable word or phrase form.
  • word form search: disable ajax categories the snippet shows it matching elsewhere, not at the target.
  • the term AJAXCategories exists elsewhere as AjaxCategories, but was not found
  • insource regex failed to find /disable/i /AJAX/i, or /ajaxcategories/i, but not other items on that page
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On WP insource doesn't search .css or .js pages.

  1. user: intitle:css 24,916
  2. [user: intitle:css update](// update) 2284
  3. [user: intitle:css update insource:update](// update insource:update) 4 pages only

As if insource only lists .css and .js pages where its search term is found inside a comment or nowiki tag on the page.

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I can no longer reproduce this issue; if I run the linked query, the page is the third result. This was probably fixed when T88247 was fixed.