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Make a config setting that scales RAM and CPU based on host capabilities
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Something like which attaches all cores and 1/4 RAM to the VM

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One suggestion on the etherpad pad was vagrant config vagrant_ram auto. This doesn't sound bad to me but I'm not sure I personally understand the surgery that would need to be done on the existing config sub-command to translate auto to a dynamic number.

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The low memory default (1G) has been biting more people lately (see T86206). I'll be working on a patch for this today.

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Change 187601 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dduvall):
plugin: Support "auto" setting for vagrant_ram


Should "auto" perhaps be the default?

Change 187601 merged by jenkins-bot:
plugin: Support "auto" setting for vagrant_ram and vagrant_cores

Should "auto" perhaps be the default?

I think I'd be fine with auto being the default, but I'm also fine with it just being documented somewhere how to use the new settings.

$ vagrant config vagrant_ram auto
$ vagrant config vagrant_cores auto
$ vagrant reload

Change 194948 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dduvall):
plugin: Support auto-configuration as a setting feature

Change 194948 merged by jenkins-bot:
plugin: Default auto-configuration of vagrant_cores

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Automatic configuration of vagrant_cores is performed by default. For vagrant_ram it remains explicit since roles can now make incremental adjustments to it (see T92549).