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Report Signups in 2014 Oct-Dec
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Generate the number for this report:


  • there is no report for global signups
  • it would need to be generated (data available via EventLogging: ServerSideAccountCreation or logging table (see
  • Vital Signs already has counts per project
  • Historical data: available
  • Recommendation: generate data from EL or using the NRU definition (Analytics)

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Just to make the point about historical data explicit, per earlier conversations:

We also need the corresponding number for July-Sept 2014 and Oct-Dec 2013 (as implicit in the "xx% from Q1 / xx% y-o-y" in the linked mockup).

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Has this been assigned to anyone, as planned earlier ( T88846#1021705 )? Or do we need to leave it out in this quarterly report (to be published on Sunday Feb 15)?

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Thank you! (Calculated quarterly totals and trends here, and added them to the report.)