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Load test production cluster
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The production cluster needs to be load tested to ensure that

  • the new hardware is solid, and
  • there are no stability issues with Debian Jessie (testing so far was with the older Ubuntu Trusty).

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Things have been fairly smooth on the testing front.

  • we encountered no issues from the trusty -> jessie migration
  • restbase1006 turned out to have a faulty disk controller: T89639
  • peak performance we measured is around 10k HTML revision req/s with a mean latency of ~80ms
  • we processed ~7k req/s for a week without issues
  • deliberate cassandra node restarts did not impact availability
  • creating 12k tables for 800 wikis did not go so well; this was addressed in T91188
  • we are currently loading current revisions for all 280 wikipedias into storage, again without issues so far

Resolving. Further testing is happening on the test cluster.