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Email confirmation links get mangled in MSIE 6 and webmail
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I signed up to jawiki and having selected "en" and confirmed, entered my email address,
which is at gmail.

The link I received was this one (in one line, not split):

However simply clicking on it resulted in the following:

Oddly, copying the URL and pasting it manually into the address bar worked fine.

Using IE-6.0.2900.2180 on WinXP-Pro SP2a

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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jimmy.collins wrote:

Should be a problem of your mail client, not MediaWiki ...

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I can confirm this with, Gmail, and IE 6.0 on XP SP 2.

Switching the links to a hardcoded 'Special:Confirmemail' instead of the localized namespace/page name should both make the URLs shorter and avoid this mystery click problem...

kjoonlee wrote:

Reported to Google. (I don't have a ticket number or anything, though.)

kjoonlee wrote:

Gmail worked fine on 20080312. Earliest report of malfunction was on 20080523, AFAIK.

kjoonlee wrote:

Um, no. Please ignore my comment about 20080312, because I had used Firefox, not MSIE.

Worked around in r35505 by hardcoding the canonical English special namespace/page name in the link. This is shorter, avoids messy URL-encoding, and doesn't have any encoding issues.

URLs are still over 80 chars for Wikipedia domains, though. :(

(Note that the encoded links seemed fine in MSIE 7; this particular problem was limited to 6.)

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