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Re-arranged (drag-drop) Categories become "detached item" after clicking 'Cancel' button
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The issue is split from The issue is present in beta, test2, and production - see the attached screencast.

Re-arranging the categories(dragging them), then deleting them, and hitting 'Cancel' - causes errors when the Options-Categories dialog is re-opened.

  1. Add three categories - AA, BB, CC
  2. Move CC category - insert it in front of BB, then in front of AA (the sequence seems to be important)
  3. Delete AA and BB - click 'Cancel'
  4. Re-open Categories - CC category remains displayed.
  5. Click CC to delete -

Error: Cannot remove detached item
and sometime

TypeError: this.categories[name] is undefined

The issue is not too serious- those 'detached' categories are not saved.

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Actually on step 4, no categories are displayed.

And on beta I seem to get different categories back at random.