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Sync up the new labs NFS project filesystem with the live one
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This is, essentially, a long-running rsyncs from /srv/project to /mnt on labstore1001, that will be followed by unmounting both filesystems and swapping them before restarting NFS.

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(As a note, this will be running in a screen session so that it can be supervised)

oh, so is the new backedup file system going to be on /mnt?

No, it will take the old volume's place at /srv/project. /mnt is only used during the copy process because they (obviously) need to both be mounted.

This is taking slightly longer than expected, with the maps project being the stalling point. The copy should be over in a few hours, I'll advise at that time whether it is still a reasonable timeframe to switch or whether it is better to do it tomorrow morning.

Bump... What is the status on this? I'm assuming this is the reason that when I SSH into labs I'm 'technical-13@labs-bastion-01~' instead of 'technical-13@tools-login' (or whatever it was) and the reason that xTools is refusing to stay up and running. Thanks.

No, the "change" in the host name (actually, you are connecting to a different host now) was due to adding new bastion hosts for the Tools project; cf. @yuvipanda's mail at I think that neither the bastion host change nor the NFS copy here can have any effect on a tool's web service.

The copy completed successfully over the weekend so I will be rescheduling a switch for today.

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This is complete, with some pain.