Change priority value for Needs Triage
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Phabricator uses integers to show how a priority should be treated. The current code is this:

 "100" : {
    "name"  : "Unbreak Now!",
    "short" : "Unbreak!",
    "color" : "indigo"
  "90"  : {
    "name"  : "Needs Triage",
    "short" : "Triage",
    "color" : "violet"
  "80"  : {
    "name"  : "High",
    "short" : "High",
    "color" : "red"
  "50"  : {
    "name"  : "Normal",
    "short" : "Normal",
    "color" : "orange"
  "25"  : {
    "name"  : "Low",
    "short" : "Low",
    "color" : "yellow"
  "10"  : {
    "name"  : "Lowest",
    "short" : "Lowest",
    "color" : "sky"

Needs triage is currently set as a higher priority than high, normal, low, and lowest. This results in some histories as displaying "User raised the priority from "High" to "Needs Triage". Obviously the best options would to have the priority not have a value but since Phabricator doesn't support this, the priority should be changed to the lowest available, such as 0.

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If you plan on changing the numbers, please also make sure to update wikibugs accordingly.

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How and when does the current behavior create an actual problem?

People should prioritize issues. So it is intended these tasks are listed higher than "High Priority".

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Would this result in all incoming tickets, that didn't get triaged yet, to be at the very bottom of lists on workboards? That might make it easier to overlook new tickets and less likely that they get triaged soon. (and they could be actually 'unbreak now' until we know if they are)

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Well then I guess that the priorities are fine. I didn't really think of that.