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Complete the transition to the new roadmap & reporting process
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Until recently, most of our project documentation and planning was being done on We had roadmaps, project pages, status pages etc. there. The system was a bit clunky but it mostly worked.

Our move from Bugzilla to Phabricator brought a lot of opportunities to simplify technical project management, and we're now in a place where we can retire the old system.

In practice, this means heavily relying on the Roadmap, and using Notice to tag other tasks and changes likely to impact users. People can follow progress on the task, which means we don't need the monthly reports any more.

To complete the transition, we need to do the following:

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Final announcement: (Also sent to the wikimediaannounce-l and wikitech-ambassadors lists).

For cross-reference: I wrote up a brief summary of how this worked out at T24#1566280.