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A page redirected to, but with no links to the redirecting page, is not considered orphaned
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Author: wikimedia

If there is a redirect page which redirects to orphaned page, neither will be shown by
Special:Lonelypages. For example, create page "Test Page", move it to "Moved Test Page" and check
Special:Lonelypages after that.

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robchur wrote:

This is happening because redirects cause a page link relationship to be
created, which the report interprets as the redirect target no longer being
orphaned. In addition, redirects themselves are suppressed from the result set.

wikimedia wrote:

I know, but the idea is to change this behaviour somehow. Orphaned pages should not
be lost in any way, I think.

ayg wrote:

It would probably be easiest to just not exclude redirects. However, we don't
want tons of redirects from typos and weird alternative spellings to show up on
the list. The most coherent thing to do would be to list a page if it's lonely
excluding links from redirects, *and* all its redirects are lonely excluding
links to redirects (what to do about links to double+ redirects is probably not
very important).

wikimedia wrote:

Well, I think the easiest way is not to count redirects as links to a page when
checking if it is orphaned. If this is possible, of course.

ayg wrote:

Then you can have pages linking to a redirect but none linking to the target,
and the target will effectively have incoming links but will still be listed as

wikimedia wrote:

True. Then, the only way I see is to check each redirect page in chain for at least
one reference from normal page.. But this is definetely not an easiest way.. :)

mashiah.davidson wrote:

Each article is one of three:

  • An article (set 0)
  • A redirect (set 1)
  • A disambiguation page (set 1).

Let's the initial state for parented articles set to a set of articles linked from other articles, i.e. we
are to check for each link if it is stated from list 0 to list 0.

Now the lonelypages list may contain articles linked from redirects (a category) or disambiguation pages
(a category).

For such a state of a list it is true that some pages will have more care than needed. This is much better
than the state we have at the moment, because we do not know what do we need to attend.

After this change I see two possible ways:
1/ Each wiki works out it's own bot-/manually- created list of articles for exclusion from the lonelypages
list. The best of the bots will serve all the wikis if it will found.
2/ The algorithm is obvious without any bot-elections and will be implemented soon =)

I think this issue is connencted to #8516 forming it's part not related to namespaces.

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