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Update with March 2015 dump data
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Among the metrics needed for the WMF quarterly report for Q3 (January-March 2015, due to be published May 15; see T97344), several require data from the general report card that is only available there until February right now:

  • Total active editors per month
  • New editors per month
  • Wikipedia Edits per month
  • Optional: New Wikipedia articles (i.e. article increase from Dec 31 to March 31; although like last time - T89283 - I might use Daniel's corresponding numbers instead, as recorded on Meta)

Assigning this to @ezachte and @Milimetric per discussion with @kevinator , let me know in case this should be changed.

I'm filing this as a separate ticket, grouping these metrics together as they all seem to depend on the same dump update. If the report card can't be updated in time, we would need to construct suitable substitutes for each as last quarter ( T89024).

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Ariel has now provided the stub dumps necessary for this task (while the full content dumps may still be running), and Erik calculated the numbers required for the quarterly report (sent by email).

Leaving this open until is updated as well, and I've followed up by email on further detail regarding the number of new editors per month, but as far as the availability of the data is concerned, T97344 is unblocked by this now.