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Links are not preserved during translation, and can not be reenabled.
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During translation the links are not preserved, and can not be reenabled afterwards. This can be related to Bokmål-nynorsk -pair does not work

ContentTranslation-GaliciaPeak-1.png (262×1 px, 59 KB)

Note that there are no links in the screen dump.

Language pair is nn-nb, editing from nowiki.

Broser is Firefox 37.0.2 on Ubuntu 15.04.

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Double checking once more it seems like some of the articles are found, but not all, and it is not possible to create redlinks. It is important to create redlinks when large article suites are translated and it is not clear which linked articles are most important to translate, and how to make a properly interlinked article cloud.

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We are working on red links support - it's a (near) future feature. See T78695 for an example.