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Rename <s>all</s> some mailing lists with -l suffixes to get rid of that suffix
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Wikimdia mailing lists originally have the -l suffix as they were formally under Since the move to their own domain (, the use of -l in lists has been discouraged.

There have been talks and plans of standardizing lists however renaming them was always deemed too much work and not useful. Regardless, removing the suffix would unify all list names and be more logical.

Wikidata-l will be renamed in T99136 which will trial the process and see how easy this is in production and practice. If this is deemed practical, allocating times and days to work on a few lists at time over the next 2-4 months would finally resolve this task.

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Wikidata-l to Wikidata went... relatively okay. It went fine with issues though not associated to the actual task. As this went okay, I'll hand this to @RobH to decide if we should consider working with other lists to remove the -l suffix.

Generating a list of lists with the -l suffix as well would be a great help.

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will it break all the links to the archives? also will replication work fine?

will it break all the links to the archives?

If people have not modified with list archives and the mbox without rebuilding in the past (very bad practice), it will not. If it does, it is not within control and a rebuild in future for things like data release will cause the same reorder.

I'll be honest... I don't particularly see a good reason to do this unless users on the specific list want it. The relative harm may be small (though some disagree) but I think it still outweighs what is, in the end, a change with limited real benefits (consistency is a laudable goal, but in the end our names are all over the place, a couple -l's isn't going to hurt anyone or anything at all).

We will always refer to the "foundation-l", no matter what :) but frankly in the casual speech it is "wikitech-l", since "wikitech" may refer to ... I am pretty ambivalent about this...

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I'm not sure it is worth doing to a list, unless that list requests it. We don't make them going forward with the -l, but having do merge in a redirection for every single one seems like more work than needed.

So, I'm not against this when a list asks; I don't think we should blanket do for every single existing list.

That is just my viewpoint though; and if others feel strongly in disagreement, please state such.

I see no real benefit to this, and the risk of disruption. The consistency argument is not compelling, to my mind.

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