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Visual glitch when typing a link on the go in Flow
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  1. Start typing a sentence in a Flow post, in "visual editor" mode (i.e. "The article about ")
  2. In the middle of the sentence, click the "link" icon or type "[[". The link dialog opens.
  3. Type some text in that dialog, as if the text of the string and the link are the same (i.e. "Barcelona").
  4. Press enter twice (or enter + "Insert" to close the dialog. The string-link will be added to the sentence you are typing.
  5. Continue typing the sentence (i.e. " needs a total rewrite.")


The part of the sentence after the link looks like plain text, just like the part of the sentence before the link.


The part of the sentence after the link looks like a link no matter how much you type. This brings memories of old web buggy editors in the 90s. The difference is that pressing Enter everything looks correct. Even without pressing Enter and with the sentence looking bad, if you publish the post as is, the result will be correct.

Therefore, this seems to be just a visual glitch, but very annoying. Before taking the time to investigate it, I had to "fix" manually my links as I had to do a decade ago, breaking the line to break the link, deleting back the new line to reassemble the sentence...

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I cannot reproduce it in Chrome, only in Firefox (well, Iceweasel 33.0a2 (2014-08-08)). In this browser I can reproduce it equally in Flow and plain VisualEditor in regular wiki pages, indeed.