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Request Gerrit Ownership for JSBreadCrumb Extension
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My name is Kevin Forbes. I'm a software developer and wiki developer for the MITRE corporation whose team is active in the semantic wiki community. We have been working with and modifying the the JSBreadCrumbs extension:,n,z ,

We would like to submit the patches/updates we have and take over maintenance of the app. We have been in contact with the original owner Ryan Lane who supports our efforts to keep the app current as it's currently in an "unmaintained" status.

Please let me know if there's any information we can provide in order to get write/ownership access to start maintaining the extension.

Thank you for the assistance.
Kevin Forbes

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Thanks Ryan for the +1.

@Aklapper or @Krenair: is there anything else I need to do, to move this task to the next step? Thanks for the help!


As Ryan approves I don't think we need anything other than a Gerrit admin to come along and press buttons.

Sounds good. I'll be on stand by. Thanks for the quick response.

Why are there no Gerrit admins watching this project? :/

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Why are there no Gerrit admins watching this project? :/

That's a question for the people that handle project ownerships. I am not one of them. @demon would know who should be watching this project.

Anyways ... this case looks clear enough: Done.,members