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Copied reference is malformed - page cannot be saved or switched to source editing
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I tried to split out a section from an article by copying and pasting from one Visual Editor tab to another. The text contained one raw reference (which, incidentally, Visual Editor was unable to render in the reference list while editing the new article). When I tried to save the new article or switch it to source editing, I just got 500 errors from the server.

My workaround was to Escape (using the Esc key) from the "crashed" save/switch features and copy-paste the content into a new browser tab, and then to change the content of the reference (which showed up as empty in the dialog box) to "TBC". See

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This also happened in the Catalan Wikipedia, there's a transcript of the error at .

Testing on Ubuntu, Firefox and VE:

Something hasn't worked
parsoidserver-http: HTTP 500

I tried to reproduce and when looking at the changes from the save dialog the reference had been copied as a link, but that didn't crash Parsoid. I didn't save, though.

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I think this is now fixed with adjustments to copy-paste of IDs.