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Pastes don't allow lua syntax highlighting
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While in tasks, syntaxhighlighting is supported for lua uing lang=lua this option is not available when creating a paste. Pastes should also allow syntaxhighlighting for lua as it becomes more and more important to show examples of how lua can be used on Wikipedias.


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This is configurable in pygments.dropdown-choices.

Naming a file something.lua and leaving "Language" set to "Detect Automatically" should also engage the Lua highlighter.

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Change 290409 had a related patch set uploaded (by Aklapper):
Add "Lua" to syntax highlighting dropdown choices in Phab's "Paste"

(Assuming as per previous comment that Lua is not wanted as a default choice in upstream, I've prepared a downstream configuration patch, for the lulz.)

Change 290409 merged by Dzahn:
Add "Lua" to syntax highlighting dropdown choices in Phab's "Paste"

Dzahn added a subscriber: Dzahn.May 25 2016, 6:27 PM

Lua is now an option in the dropdown

Here's a paste with Lua code and highlighting:

1 print("Hello World")
4 -- defines a factorial function
5 function fact (n)
6 if n == 0 then
7 return 1
8 else
9 return n * fact(n-1)
10 end
11 end
13 print("enter a number:")
14 a ="*number") -- read a number
15 print(fact(a))

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