Unable to remove bold and italic formatting from pastes of external sources
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If I highlight and copy the first line from
and paste it into
then it becomes impossible to remove the bold:

  • If I highlight the text, and clicking the "Bold" button in the toolbar, nothing happens
  • If I highlight the text, the "clear styling" option is not even available. (screenshot)

The same (nothing) happens if I select the full line, rather than just the bold text, and try adding/removing/clearing the styling.

Originally reported by Thryduulf as: Bold and underline preserved from pasted source unremovable

When copy and pasting formatted text (bold, italic, bold italic) into VE the formatting is not removable
Steps to Reproduce: To reproduce (but not every time - I haven't figured out the trigger):

  1. Copy bold, italic or bold/italic text
  2. Paste into a VE editing surface
  3. Try to remove the formatting using any of:
    • Keyboard shortcuts (e.g. ctrl+B)
    • Menu action (e.g. selecting "Bold" from the A menu)
    • Selecting clear styling from the menu

Results: Pasted formatting was not possible to remove. Added formatting was (e.g. making the bold text bold italic worked, and the italic could be removed but the bold could not)
Expectations: Formatting should be removable

  • Other formatting (e.g. subscript and strikethrough) does not exhibit this bug
  • Copy and pasting within the editing surface does not seem to exhibit the bug
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Verified on Firefox 41.0a2.

I don't see anything odd in the linear model or the HTML. However, the problem goes away once the page is saved and reopened.

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Neither of these issues can be reproduced any more.