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Display and edit two projects on one board
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(Filed to capture for TPG et al discussion. Not ready for implementation)

A Phabricator Project board allows a task to be dragged and dropped across different columns. This is essentially a way to edit one enumerated dimension of many tasks at once. It would be even more useful to be able to edit two enumerated dimensions at once, by dragging and dropping tasks on a grid of two different projects/column sets, with one project vertical (project column equals screen column) and the other horizonal (project column = screen row).

heterogeneous_backlog.png (2×3 px, 65 KB)

phabricator_two_project_board.png (3×2 px, 66 KB)

Use case: Card mapping a backlog. A large number of tasks (e.g. 50 to 500 or more) are prioritized into different releases or tranches. In order to make the list manageable, they are further divided into different "areas", which could be modules within the program or other dimensions. To card map thus requires displaying tasks by the "area" project/column set, and then changing the "tranche" project column.

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related requirements:

  • handle special cases
    • when a task doesn't belong to one of the projects selected, show it in a quasi-column (which can be hidden)
    • when a task belongs to a selected project but has no column, show it in a quasi-column (presumably Phab already handles this with default columns, in which case this is moot)

bonus requirement:

  • scale the size of each task according to points (or other metric)
Aklapper triaged this task as Lowest priority.Jun 16 2015, 9:29 AM

I'm not sure if I get it but

  • How does that scale/load with 1000 projects, or would there be some button to choose, load, display an additional project somehow?
  • How would that display if each project has rather different columns? Separate column headers I assume?

In any case, I don't see upstream including such functionality. Too much of a corner case for them.

There would have to be some way to choose each of the two projects. I'm not sure from your comment "How would that display if each project has rather different columns?" if I made it clear enough that the two selected projects would be shown on two axes. So it wouldn't matter at all if the projects had different columns and in fact this tool is most useful when they do have different columns. The purpose is to have a way to visualize large numbers of tasks, ordered by two different dimensions. (e.g., Another bonus requirements would be to be able to use some other fields as one of the dimensions (instead of Project), such as Priority or Assigned To.

The subtask has been declined, so I'm also going to reflect status here.