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Investigate and remove NFS from editor-engagement project
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Currently, /home and /data/project are shared across all instances of the design project, allowing files to be shared easily across instances. This however, comes at a cost of less reliability - your instances are unavailable during NFS outages (this is the most unreliable part of all of labs), home directory access is slower, etc.

Assuming that all the current instances are labs-vagrant instances anyway, there is not much use for NFS there, and I'd like to disable NFS if it's ok with you guys.

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Also not really sure which team is responsible for these now. has list of instances, some of which probably can be cleaned up.

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/data/project is needed at least for now, /data/scratch and /public/dumps can go, @mattflaschen is investigating if /home needs to stay atm or not.

And /home can die too!

I've done this now, and instances should be back up post outage. Should get rid of /data/project too.

Should get rid of /data/project too.

Before you do so, please give me an opportunity to put the config git repos there somewhere share-able (Gerrit or GitHub).

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