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404 for VizGrimoireJS/data/metrics.json on korma; makes certain pages unusable
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Hm, now doesn't quite load in my laptop (just some frames and one graph). Can you try, please? is a 404

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As mentioned by @Aklapper, this is an issue in the working tree. At dc90db5b7a18f9aae6a8a7ff4fddda4c7b034875, the directory data was removed, but this contained needed info.

I've added that needed info to browser/data/metrics.json and added a link from ~/data/ to browser/data/. In this way, this works, but in any case, that data directory link in the JS code must be removed. I'll also open a bug report in vizGrimoireJS in Upstream.

Ticket opened in Upstream at

Panel is now properly working in production (please clean your cache).