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[FlowReplies] Missing or empty schema - on beta cluster and locally
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At bet cluster, e.g. , if I click "Reply" or if I click in the topic_content placeholder box, then I get this webconsole error:

"[FlowReplies] Missing or empty schema" load.php:156:686
log.error() load.php:156
<anonymous> load.php:20
handler() load.php:155
jQuery.Callbacks/fire() load.php:45
jQuery.Callbacks/self.fireWith() load.php:46
jQuery.Callbacks/ load.php:46
mw.track() load.php:155
mw.eventLog.prepare() load.php:19
mw.eventLog.logEvent() load.php:20
logEvent() load.php:121
FlowBoardAndHistoryComponentBase.prototype.logEvent() load.php:140 load.php:48
flowExecuteInteractiveHandler/<() load.php:130
.each() load.php:5
flowExecuteInteractiveHandler() load.php:130
flowInteractiveHandlerFocusCallback() load.php:132
bindFlowComponentHandlers/</<() load.php:125
emitWithReturn() load.php:124
flowComponentGetDispatchCallback/<() load.php:125
jQuery.event.dispatch() load.php:65
jQuery.event.add/elemData.handle() load.php:60
jQuery.event.trigger() load.php:64
jQuery.event.simulate() load.php:69
handler() load.php:73

Screenshot from 2015-06-29 10:20:58.png (900×1 px, 160 KB)

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The reason it was only broken completely locally is that there were *other* schemas in production, so it correctly bailed there.