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Support multi-page DjVu files and other image handler parameters in image galleries
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We can display a page of a DJVU file with the syntaxe


but impossible to use it on a gallery

Maybe it can became usefull to allow it on the gallery

Image:Katia.djvu|page=3|The author explain...
Image:Katia.djvu|page=4|Engraving of...

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robchur wrote:

I'm concerned that the syntax proposed would break existing gallery uses, and
would be more inclined to put the "page=" bit at the end.

It would be good to have an easy means to display pages of a djvu in a gallery in some ready format. It becomes a right nuisance to find the right page by either means.

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I'm concerned that the syntax proposed would break existing gallery uses, and
would be more inclined to put the "page=" bit at the end.

Instead of "page=" could look to utilise the alternate syntax "/page" ?
eg. File:Long filename.djvu/7, which is utilised elsewhere. like in [[:mw:Extension:Proofread Page]]

This enhancement request refers to djvu files but actually it needs to be applied in the parser. Moving to the right component with the hope that it will receive more feedback.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change Ib831d89ed8676deb2f44238ff9a23ce58ad4d2df)

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Related URL: (Gerrit Change

See, this is what happens when people are naggy on irc ;)

sumanah wrote:

It seems like there are no particular objections to merging this patchset?

I think that it would be fantastic.

Can I note that it is not evident to a numbskull like myself what was actually decided to be done in the code. I think that it may be an implementation of "page= " and it seems that it may also have some time handler information too, but once it goes live, I am not sure how one might handle the second.

Basically gallery tags now reuses some of the code that handles parameters of thumbnails

So you can do

Mydoc.pdf|page=5|caption here

Or basically any other image type specific parameter (so you could disable the full screen button on ogv or set a language on svg once the svg lang support is fixed.)

I have tried it on and it works great :)

For instance for the first file of the gallery, page 6 is being displayed:

Good job, Bawolff!