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Visual editor (link inspector) prepending "/wiki/" to displayed text of internal links when created without text selected
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When adding internal links from scratch, "/wiki/" is being added in front of the page title. i.e. adding a link to [[Pasadena, California]] when no text is selected produced

[[Pasadena, California|/wiki/Pasadena, California]]

my initial VE/F report
Bug report VisualEditor
Description When adding internal links from scratch, "/wiki/" was added in front of the page title
Intention: Adding internal links
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Load the link insertion dialog (e.g. using ctrl+k)
  2. select an internal link (e.g. Pasadena, California)
  3. close the link inspector to add the link to the page

It happened twice in this edit. 100% Reproducible in my sandbox sandbox test 1, sandbox test 2
Results: the displayed text was prepended with "/wiki/" i.e. VE producced [[Pasadena, California|/wiki/Pasadena, California]]
Expectations: the page title and displayed text would be identical, i.e. [[Pasadena, California]]
Page where the issue occurs: [All, see above]
Web browser Firefox 38.0; Chromium Version 43.0.2357.81
Operating system Linux Xubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)
Skin Monobook
Workaround or suggested solution: write the display text first and then make it a link

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I've managed to reproduce it (without saving) in the main namespace at it.wikipedia as well