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Request addition of FontAwesome web-font package
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Request addition of Font Awesome web fonts (license info) to ULS.

I tried to follow the instructions on how to get this going on my own but that talked about creating the web fonts from OpenType or something while the Font Awesome package comes with all those types by default. I figured better bring this to the experts over here instead of screwing something up.

I did make a font.ini file for what its worth....

version=4.4.1 2015
;Also included in Font Awesome package but not installed

... but wasn't sure about the language setting. Since most will easily recognize some of the stuff one can pull from this font-family as it is, it didn't make any sense (to me) not to make it universally available if possible.

Version: master
Pseudo-related: T69115: Font Awesome not working on IE‏

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@GOIII Could you give us an use case?

@Dereckson - Well its been almost a year since the request was made so the mock-ups of the time are pretty much gone but I kept some of the tests here regardless.

You should be able to log into Wikisource and see the font set in action since Awesome family is loaded as a gadget for everyone by default there. From there you can test as many you like using the cheat-sheet link found in the opening description.

I had to enable the gadget manually: it's not loaded by default for contributors with an account to the the gadget addition perhaps.

Do you have pages on en.wikisource using it or a discussion on the Scriptorium with concrete project to use it on pages if we add it?