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Custom license in UploadWizard is not validated and allows upload of files without a license
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I can put nonsense into the custom license field in UploadWizard, my upload still succeeds. Only uploads with a valid license template should be allowed.

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Apparently I decided this wasn't a big deal, and @Gilles agreed. Is this something that Commons really needs?

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I don't do that kind of cleanup often, so I can't speak to how big of a problem it is, but clearly — all else being equal — it would be better not to leave that kind of issue to get cleaned up manually.

Jarekt added a comment.Aug 5 2015, 1:27 PM

Upload Wizard seems to allow creation of 2 types of files without a license templates:

  1. some of them are tagged with {{Remove this line and insert a license instead|year=2015|month=08|day=05}} template and are placed in subcategories of
  2. others like do not have any license or problem tag

We have about 50 files in the second category per week. They are detected by [[User:YiFeiBot]] and placed in [[Category:Media without a license: needs history check]] where they have to be processed by volunteers. I am one of the people that keeps this queue clean and it would be a great help if:

  1. Upload wizard warn people if they are just about to upload an image without a license since often lack of license is due a typo in the license template name
  2. If someone decides to upload despite of the warning than we should add {{Remove this line and insert a license instead}} template

It is easy to test if file has a license template or not since all license templates transclude {{License template tag}} template. If that template is missing than file does not have a license.

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