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Make undelete available to the original author
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There's no reason to hide content from its original author. When an editor's change has been deleted, unless it was suppressed, it should always be available for userification (or draftification) by the author. Currently, only administrators and oversighters can undelete a page, as far as I can tell.

On the flip side, there are good reasons not to hide content--a) it's extremely annoying to the person wanting to fix improve or simply record their changes, b) there are already many ways around this feature, such as the clipboard, and the undeletion request process.

Make undelete available to the author, and mention this on the deletion notification template.

In my opinion, the deleted content should be available publicly, not just to the original author, but a) that might already be the case, I donno, and b) that might be controversial, so let's set it aside for now.

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