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Enable Flow on Research talk namespace in metawiki
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(Stub for @Halfak to fill out - this was discussed during wikimania)

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The meta community last discussed this in March 2014, at m:Meta:Babel/Archives/2014-03#Flow_on_Meta. There was consensus to not use/test Flow at meta, at that time, but the idea would be reexamined in the future.
Following the current mw:Flow/Rollout#Process, there would need to be a fresh community discussion to enable Flow at Meta, specifying which pages would initially be open, and which locations would require further/future discussion. (I.e. A few wikis such as Ca.wp and He.wp are experimenting with usertalkpage opt-in, and are also using Flow at active discussion hubs such as Village Pumps)

Suggested action:
Ideally, the Meta community discusses Enabling Flow on these specific pages and namespaces, giving a green-light to some or all:

I'm willing to start the discussion there, if any non-staff indicate that they would be supportive. :-)

I'd expect Meta to be consulted if we want this awful system installed. I'm sure the team has invested lots of hours in developing this extension, but I very much doubt this will make life easier for anybody. I've just tested the new discussion system and I do not like it a bit. Sorry.

I just want to hop in to +1 this quick. I'm the most active editor in Research_talk on meta by far and I think this would provide substantial improvements to my work and that of others. (Note that I am both Halfak_(WMF) and EpochFail) It's also relatively low risk because the Research namespace on Meta does not have much process associated with talk pages. As soon as I am able, I'll start an RFC with these details on Meta.

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Declined per T124354. There is no consensus for this change yet. Please reopen, if there is consensus.

Closed as declined as per RFC result.