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Win32 Python 2.6.5 fails TestPwb.test_unicode
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Using Python 2.6.5 on Win32, TestPwb.test_unicode fails

FAIL: test_unicode (tests.pwb_tests.TestPwb)
Test printing unicode in pywikibot.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\projects\pywikibot-core\tests\", line 77, in test_unicode
    self.assertEqual('Häuser', direct['stderr'].strip())
AssertionError: <unprintable AssertionError object>

Given there are other unicode tests in page_tests that do not fail, this is likely a problem in the text UI interface / unittest runner, rather than a widespread problem.

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py2.6 will be dropped, see T154771 and 2.6.5 isn't supported currently