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Install Duplicator extension on German and English Wikipedias
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Please enable the duplicator extension for dewiki. Thanks.



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This extension is needed to duplicate articles in case a split is wished to comply with the GFDL (save authors/history for the remaining parts in both articles).

The existing methods (text c&p of historypart onto the talk page) are crappy and does not really fulfil the needings of the GFDL.

jeluf wrote:

But this is not a specific topic of the German Wikipedia, is it? So why do you only request it for the German one? Ewige Kleinstaaterei...

Right. It's an issue for all projects... and it would be great to enable it on all projects.

ais523 wrote:

A request to duplicate an article history has also come up at enwiki (so that an article can be copied to a user sandbox, creating two independent versions, without messing up the history or resorting to Talk-page history copying); it probably would be fine as an admin-only option there.

I'm pretty sure we wouldn't want to do this; it feels like a *really* ugly hack which could have strange and unpleasant results and generally would be very confusing.

Proper branching would be a lot better if we actually wanted/needed that, but I'd much rather not see this history duplication without any of the linking metadata that would make it manageable.

WONTFIXing this for now.

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Hi, from Spanish wikipedia is also requested. Exactly with the same rationale.