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Allow copy of pages
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As a Wikibooks user, I would like to see the feature "copy this page" (source, target) next to the move-feature. This would be great for normal user extending a book without touching the original one.

Example: Lets say you would like to improve a book about the programming language "Java". The book describes version 6 and you would like to start a new book on version 8. If it is worth having both books, than I see no way to preserve the original book and edit the text with respect to the original editors.

Example: Lets say two contributors have different but strong opinions about the future of a book. This typically leads to conflicts, where some user leave the community. The copy-the-page feature would be a good technical solution to settle the conflict.

  • Qwertz84 (talk) 23:17, 9 November 2015 (UTC)

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This task is probably a duplicate.

We already have

I see an old comment from 2007 in T10833#127614 that declined the deployment of that extension, and that it isn't currently deployed on any Wikimedia wikis. I've asked a few questions at