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Allow to filter the move log by types
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I think the following types are useful:

  • Move with redirect
  • Move without redirect (also because this is a typical sysop right)
  • the move overwrites a redirect
  • The move overwrites a redirect and was without redirect

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(General note: For feature requests it's general welcome to provide specific usecases for the requested functionality.)

suppressredirect is a typical sysop right, so you can control person, using this right better

Luke081515 renamed this task from Allow to filter the move log after types to Allow to filter the move log by types.Mar 31 2016, 11:23 PM
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Since you can already search for: Normal move, or overwriting redirect. But you still can't search for: suppressredirect used or not. But remeber, you can overwrite a redirect, and use suppressredirect, so we need a possibility to choose both.

Filtering based on parameters... might be problematic since the parameters get stored in various different formats that aren't really easy to query

Other move log types that could be considered are based on the different rights needed: general "move", user page "move-rootuserpages", file "movefile", category "move-categorypages", (and, maybe, pending-changes "movestable")